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Girlwadder – Religion is destroying humanity

Enough with the bullshit and just enjoy life. Are you ugly? What really is ugly? Bad things happen and we as humans are suppose to just deal with it. Human consciousness is one of the most explored topics with the least derived result. We fly people to the universe and yet we theorize about “to be or not to be”.

Why are we still questioning such explanations for ‘why we as humans are on earth’? Human and humanity progression and evolution is imperative on having an open mindedness to explain such questions, rather than the acceptance of archaic writings. Spirituality is also to blame for such limits to our intelligence.

Religion is the brick wall on the graph of increase in this progression particularly. This is the “all knowing” of such unanswered questions. Which completely barricades from the evolution of mind. There must be a reason humans cling to such concepts? Humanity is basic in the sense that humans require nurturing close relationships and peace of mind.

What are humans looking for with religion?

– The ability to be cleansed and to be “forgiven”
– A resolution of all matters and acceptance of that resolution, “fate”.
– A sense of individual purpose.
– A personal moral code to feel honour.
– An understanding or answer to the unknown and vast universe.

Once a human feels comfort in these items to they feel at peace, however such methods to achieve such result, in turn causes so much destruction to positive evolution of our species.

Only when religion is a non issue in any relation to fact can man kind succeed, failure will only continue the pernicious outcome to our expansions for humanity.

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5 Joys of Singledom

Being young and sexy in the city is not always fun and games, but let’s get real, it mostly is. It is important to take note of such times and appreciate it, so here is Girlwadder’s version of Joys of Singledom:

1. Random Sex

Being single is a lot of work especially being “on point” with all physical upkeep, but the rewards are so worth it. Waking up NSA (No Strings Attached) on a boat in nice lingerie drinking mimosas and eating fruit is always worth it.

2. Worst Behaviour

It can’t help but come to mind the saying most people in relationships utter, ‘they make me a better person’ ; usually when you are in a relationship you do become a better person for them, not for you, in singledom you become a better version of yourself, whatever that may be. Most notable you act in a matter that YOU desire.

Reminds you of the exes you use to ‘sit up straight for’. No need for that now. It is a matter of science, when you act in a manner that is in your best interest better things happen and more fun is to be had.

3. Cured of Limerence

(click Limerence for more info)

Are you really single? Or do you go to bed with this longing feeling for someone? If you do, then you’re not really single. Being single is being free of all mental disturbance(s) for someone (ie. involuntarily crazy).

These disturbances are but not limited to, intrusive thoughts, obsession, impulsiveness, delusions, heightened sensitivity, and a feeling of highs and lows. Love is all grand or grandeur? Those who are truly single get to enjoy the perk of liberation from such thoughts.

4. True Crushes

You now have time to really fantasize about that mega hottie – the person you always envisioned for yourself. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to run into someone who looks exactly like them and fornicate them. Worry free. Afterwards you get to go home lay in your bed (lots of space) and relish in the memories.

5. They Say What They Say To Get Laid

When unattached you see this type of behaviour with a clearer outlook. When dealing with specifically men, it becomes quite apparent that they will say what ever they need to say to get laid. Even while in relationships they will lie just to ‘smooth things over’. When single you can finally pin point it without being emotionally attached.

The Joys of Singledom are endless. So stay fresh to death and enjoy.

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The Reality of Over

Relationships are interesting, especially when they end. It is hard to envision that anyone’s experience can even relate to what you are going through.

Why did it have to end? In hindsight would you do something different? Of course.

Recently I fell in love. You really can’t help who you fall in love with. Or can you? If only we were able to really see things for what they are. To know really what you want. I use to look down on women who forced their idea of love. For example, the women whom from the beginning clearly state their intentions and what they are expecting eg. “Marriage within five years”. How could they put that out there before knowing this is the right person? I prided myself for letting things flow “naturally”. 

My natural instinct to him was undeniable. Surprising considering it rarely happens for me, to truly find a person you want to touch, spend time with and be monogamous with. Going about my business without the need to seek attention from other men. Going out with friends knowing you get to go home and say goodnight to them.  Looking forward to a future with them in it ‘what ever that may be’.

Reason has little place during these times of lust. Your feelings are strong that you can only imagine they are reciprocated in an equal way. Hard to imagine this person does not look forward to a future with you, to not be infused with you and satisfied by your company. That in reality they are just in the moment. They enjoy your company and care for you but it doesn’t run deeper than their immediate need of dissipating their own feeling of loneliness.

What is even more difficult is when you come to that realization, but by then your feelings take a hold and lead you to accept what they give you. Hence the loss of reason.

You stay. You still cannot hide your disappointment 100% of the time from them. Maybe if you did you would be able to delay the inevitable. The inevitable time when they fully ‘switch off’ and get the courage to leave. It can happen at any moment and when it does you hate yourself for not ending it sooner. Or even worse hate yourself for not containing your need to demand proof from them of their love. If they didn’t have to prove it maybe they would’ve stayed longer. How pathetic. 

Words of advice come in all forms but doesn’t remove the feeling of betrayal. Naturally this feeling lasts for as long as you let it but it is there.

I guess the thing about morals is that we are easily able to amend them, able to convince ourselves that using someone is somehow acceptable given certain circumstances. It is OK, if it doesn’t work out there are ‘plenty of fish in the sea’.

Then all you’re left with is to resolve to that fact that you now must let go. Life is too short to hold grudges and weights on your conscience when you did nothing wrong but hope and assume the best. Ignorance of their moral obligation to others and responsibility of their actions prevail in their mind.


In This Moment

I have to live out of an old black tote. Things thrown in them. I had time to pack better but being in the place where I am to live was too hard. We sat everywhere. The place of a memory of all the times I looked at you.

I will go back there and clean my things. Rearrange it make it look different. I will mosey along and do what I need to do.

I keep thinking that if I could do anything I would wish to turn back time. Would I go back to the time I didn’t meet you? I don’t know.

I do some things I am suppose to do. Go to work. Brush my teeth. I flirt again. I flirt and walk around with a smile on my face. I don’t see much though, it is all so fluid. Seems like everything is moving on a stream. Moments pass and I don’t feel them they just keep moving.

I don’t need sleep to function in this manner.


Getting Dumped

There is something to be said about how those around you feel for you when you’re in pain. It is a vulnerability that is palpable and they comfort you because they don’t want you to hurt. They know they can’t feel exactly what you’re feeling but they know you are hurting and they care.

In one simple moment everything can change. A smile becomes tears, sleep is deprived and food no longer has interest. Considering I was dumped, quite suddenly, my feeling is still hard to put into words. Everything seems unknown, everything I thought I knew was interfered. Can you love someone who doesn’t want to be with you? Who also lied about their fidelity and moral beliefs?

Just the moment before I looked up to him. I thought I was a better person because of him, and now he leaves me to fend for myself. He doesn’t care. Maybe he does but not enough and the pain is invisible.

This happens all the time apparently. 

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The “Middle East Conflict”

I find it offensive that even I would “quote” the topic. Offensive also hard to define because I am not really offended. It seems easier to write about such topic, more specifically the Middle East Conflict, as it is talked about more in the media now due to the current war. Usually easier to start discussion on such topic, with Israel’s creation. To me, I am not one to judge the timeline of the creation of a sovereign nation (all 195*). It is one of the countries created in our lifetime.

The lines of Israel are subjected to the support of terrorist activities. The legitimacy of Israel was questioned when said neighbouring countries went to war to obliterate its existence [no refugees required]. These are famous documented wars. The accumulation of land by Israel, a result of these wars. Accumulation of ‘desolate’ area, where in other areas, usually celebrated.

I suppose the real issue is, will there ever be peace between Palestine and Israel? One can hope that the answer to that question would be yes.

The result of the demolition of Israel would be devastating to the Jewish people, a modest 26 million*, 6 of which live in Israel*, about .4% of the world population*.

As you can see the numbers of the Jewish people are low. 1213 – 1203 BCE* being described as their origin. Callus treatment of the Jewish people from the beginning of its origins throughout various subsequent empires, also famously documented.

The Jewish people being able to ‘rule’ over themselves with Israel, has been successful, and worldly successful through breakthroughs of science, medicine and technology. The world has gained a lot since its creation.

Still, is Israel and Palestine able to co exists?

Perish is the state of the Palestinian people. Unable to live with the same promise and prosperity. Using Hamas to support its progression. Seemingly not qualified for this position.

Considering we are talking about the Middle East, composed of 18 countries*, the leaders being of highly religious sects of Islam (minus Israel).

The requirement of the United States to bomb member facilities of the ISIS group in Iraq. As well as the worlds disillusion of American involvement in Ukraine, Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, most notably in the Nations where its own people are being deliberately massacre(d), throughout the Middle East.

I am still uncertain of the capabilities of Israel and Palestine to ever live in peace together hence my use of quotations to title such discussion in the first place: “The Middle East Conflict”.

The vast amount of history associated with that area next to such atrocious human to human behaviour is vast in its topics. Likely hood for Israel to ever be welcome in its continent hard to identify. Arguably of which, is the decisive component to ensuring peace between Israel and Palestine, a formable notion of Palestine and Israel.

* all numbers in reasonable range of accuracy.

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Religious Thinking

Girlwadder is going to take the opportunity to broach on the topic of “Religious Thinking”. The reason for the sudden shift in theme is in response to a recent article published on 27/07/13 by the National Post written by: Rex Murphy entitled “The Angry Atheist”.

You may read the article here.

Rex Murphy dismisses all what he describes as “needless vigour” attacks made by Christopher Hitchens towards Mother Teresa, as she “dedicated her life tending to the poor”. He also goes on to describe Richard Dawkings as a “very bundle of anger and aggressiveness & fanatic about the intensity” of his claims.

He categorically describes Atheists by claiming they “Cannot stand to be reminded of the mere presence of what they have no regard for.” With a “Bewailing discomfort in such matters like ‘human rights'” Which he believes are “not ‘human’ rights at all but mercies of a benevolent god.”

It seems by the end of the article that he was quite angered in a request of an alleged Chaplin dedicated to the “non-believers” in “retaliation” for the lack of not having a religious organization to be attached too. He also declares to that idea by saying: “Funny, you never hear them wishing for their own hell”. Ultimately noting that the only hope for said non-believers come in the form of:

-Remission of Sins
-Occasional Fasts
-Lenten exercises
-Sabbath & sunday services

As offensive as this article was to me and really anyone who happens to read it without the exact same thoughts as he, it got me thinking…. what do I really consider Religious Thought to be?

Personally, I find it imperative to:

– Consider all points you come across (even Rex Murphy’s) as you wish someone to consider yours
– Always be honourable with strong humanitarian values &
– Always stay informed.

I am aware that there has been other plausible scenarios that do not require god to have been described for the creation of our planet. I am also aware that all organisms we know are adaptations to their (our) environmental niches.

Because of human consciousness and self awareness, the human neurological capacity to imagine outside of nature is truly “divine” – no pun intended.

Many religious scholars may argue for example the accuracy of scientific claims in religious texts – with special mention to the Quran, failing to conjure the notion that simple observations of nature & selective interpretations of scriptures could also explain such claims – and also failing to acknowledge that such matters of discussion were topics of gossip amount the intelligent during the 6th and 7th centuries.

There is no need for Rex Murphy to treat the people, specifically soldiers who wish to have a Chaplin to speak to, even if they do not subscribe to the same ideals as he.