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“Dream Books”

“Dream books” written in quotations only must imply that I must be skeptical about the term.

Dreams are the most effective way to divulge into you inner consciousness. I am pretty interested in knowing what “I really think or fear”. Unfortunately the accuracy of remembering a dream even an hour after waking up is as accurate as an eye witness on a dark and rainy night while staring at your smartphone (“So you’re sure he had blue eyes?”). So what is one to do?

Write a dream book…?

Typically this would be the most logical answer. What you remember is fresh on your memory as soon as you wake up, so why not take that opportunity to jot down those vivid memories. If you were to actually consider your dreams after a while (in your dream book) you will notice that sometimes they have a strange way of manifesting a thought that is prevalent on your mind. How strange the mind works.

My only issue with the idea of a dream book is that it seems like a way of trying to trick yourself into thinking there are two parts of you. The “Reality” you and the “REM” you – as if to say while sleeping I have completely lost sight that I will be analyzing these dreams in the morning.

I feel safe to say that I am quite aware of my true feelings and opinions of the daily idiosyncrasies of my life, and I am also quite aware that my dreams won’t provide some sort of magical answer to how I should behave. With that said I also have the extreme interest of what is stored “back there” (inner consciousness). Maybe there is another way to find out.


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